Pure South Cotton Handloom Saree – Steel Grey with Mustard (SHCC568)


Indulge in the ethereal beauty of our pure handwoven cotton saree, featuring a vast expanse of tranquil blue-grey. The self-border exudes opulence with intricate thazhampoo and banaras/bavanji motifs in dull gold thread, delicately edged by pillayar gopuram, adding a regal touch to the ensemble. As you gracefully drape this saree, the pallu narrates a captivating tale of the royal animal kingdom, adorned with vanasingaram motifs depicting scenes of the forest. From majestic peacocks to graceful deer, spirited horses to sleek cheetahs, and majestic elephants to lush creepers, each motif intricately woven amidst gold coins and gopuram evokes the grandeur of a royal realm. The banaras motifs in dull gold threadwork further enhance the allure of the pallu. Both borders seamlessly extend here, ensuring a harmonious fusion of elegance and sophistication. Complete with a woven running blouse material in grey, featuring checks with dots and adorned with the same captivating border as that of the body.

Disclaimer: The colours you see on your device may vary due to the varying colour reproduction, brightness, resolution and temperature of individual devices. If you’d like more clarity before your purchase, please contact the team.

Pure South Cotton Handloom Saree - Steel Grey with Mustard (SHCC568)


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